VanLab is based in Auckland. We are trying to improve the way people travel New Zealand.

In early 2017, we were looking to buy a camper van. However, we could not find a good, clean, low mileage van for reasonable money.

The only option was to build one. Luckily, we had tools, space, local knowledge and time. So, we built the first VanLab kit over the course of 3 long weeks; and ‘Stevie’ was born. As we traveled for the next 8 months, Stevie drew compliments across both islands.

At the end of the summer, we found that we could easily sell Stevie for much more than the conversion and van cost. This got us thinking. How could we help other travelers enjoy New Zealand in a fresh, clean and functional conversion, while they make a little extra travel dollar when they sell up?

We went to the drawing board and over 6 months, reproduced Stevie in flat pack form. Doing this, we reduced the 3 week build time to under 3 hours.

So, we offer you the opportunity to build a van, do some traveling, meet some people, make some dollar and responsibly enjoy New Zealand.


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