How long does it take to build my kit and what tools do I need?

The woodwork can be assembled in under 3 hours with two screwdrivers. We will provide you with the tools!

Can anyone build the kit, or do I need existing woodwork skills?

Absolutely anyone can build this kit. All the holes are pre-drilled and the panels are pre-cut. All you need to do is follow the simple instructions and screw the panels together. The build is really enjoyable as you see your empty van transform into a camper!

How can I receive my kit?

We currently offer collection only. We are based in East Tamaki, Auckland

Do I need to get my van Self-Contained?

You only need to be self contained if you plan on freedom camping. If you plan on staying in registered campsites every night, you do not need to be self contained.

Can I see a van before I buy?

No worries, our van ‘Stevie’ is converted as a show van. Your welcome to come over and have a look around to make sure the layout fits your plans!

How easily can I remove the kit?

The kit has no permanent fixings to your van chassis. This means you can drop it in and remove it for a weekend. It is perfect for anyone wanting to use a their existing van for camping trips!

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