This kit is all you need to get your van conversion started. We will provide you with all the woodwork, hinges, screws, tools and door furniture.

This kit can be built in under 3 hours and is ideal for anyone looking to quickly build a van and customize the finer details themselves. The kit has 37 flat panels, which simply and quickly screw together. Each panel has a unique ‘slot and tab’ arrangement, which means it can only fit in the correct location. Each panel is pre-cut and each hole is pre-drilled. There is no need for measuring, cutting and sanding, you can simply assemble the kit!

The woodwork has been designed to be the basis for a self contained kit. Although, not included in Kit 1, a toilet, sink, water storage, and bin will drop straight in.

The kit can also be removed quickly, with no permanent fixings to the van chassis. This is perfect for anyone looking to use an existing work van for camping holidays.

Kit 1 – Woodwork
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