The VanLab kit has been carefully designed to maximize space and functionality. This layout is unlike any other kit currently available in New Zealand.

Designed for Self Containment

Every VanLab kit is designed for self containment. Storage space is provided for all the essential self containment equipment.

The toilet is stowed under the rear bench. It cannot be seen during the day, but is easily accessible with the bed down and can be removed from the van effortlessly.

Inside/Outside Cooking

The VanLab kitchen is at the back of the van, featuring a unique horse shoe kitchen worktop. This design not only maximizes worktop area and storage volume, but also allows you to cook from inside and outside. The bench heights have been specifically designed to provide an ergonomic kitchen layout which is equally comfortable sitting inside or standing outside.

The worktop features a hatch, so you can access the gas bottle and bin when cooking inside. Perfect for early morning coffee without having to leave your van!

Comfortable and Functional Bed

The VanLab kit features a full sized double bed. This bed is designed to have 2 key improvements over a traditional camper van layout.

  1. Quick Setup: It takes 30sec to convert your living room to a bedroom. Just lift the table and drop it into place. You can easily do this without having to open any doors, perfect when its raining!
  2. Comfortable Mattress Design: The 3 piece mattress has been designed with the joins horizontal across the bed. This means, you cant fall down the gap between squabs during the night.

The result is a super comfy bed, which is simply converted back to a living room in no time at all.

Storage Volume and Location

The VanLab kit has a LOT of storage. The aim of the van is to accommodate all of your possessions in dedicated storage areas. So, no need to move things around when you get to camp. We have achieved a total of 930L of storage (for the Nissan Caravan model).

We have also designed the storage to be accessible for each configuration. For example, clothes storage and breakfast can be reached with the bed down. Your bedding has a dedicated area under the bed.

The utilities (battery, fuse boards, wiring, fresh/grey water storage, gas bottle, bin, fridge, etc.) all have dedicated locations which can be easily accessed when required.

Table for four

The table and benches provide enough room for four people to comfortably eat, drink, play cards or gather around a laptop! The van is designed to be self contained for 2 people, but its great to have friends over for an evening beer!

Tried and Tested

Most vans on the market at the moment are a first time build with first time mistakes! The VanLab kit has been refined, improved and trialed over the last 18 months. We know this layout works, because we have lived in it, we have travelled in it and we use it every weekend!

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