VanLab provide kits for the most popular New Zealand Vans*:

  • Toyota Hiace 5th Gen LWB (2004 – 2019)
  • Toyota Hiave 5th Gen Communter (2004 -2019): Coming Soon
  • Toyota Hiace 4th Gen LWB (1989 – 2004)
  • Toyota Hiace 4th Gen SWB (1989 – 2004)
  • Toyota Hiace 4th Gen Jumbo (1989 – 2004): Coming Soon
  • Nissan Caravan NV350 E26 Low Roof (2012 – Present)
  • Nissan Caravan E25 Low Roof (2001 – 2012)
  • Nissan Caravan E25 High Roof (2001 – 2012)
  • Nissan NV200 (2010 – Present): Coming Soon
  • Nissan Elgrand E50 (1997 – 2002)
  • Nissan Elgrand E51 ( 2002 – 2010)
  • Mitsubishi L300 SWB (1999 – 2011)
  • Mazda Bongo
  • Nissan Vanette

The most important and most expensive part of your campervan is the van.

Typically, already converted vans have high kms and a poor service history due to their short term ownership. To avoid any surprise servicing and mechanical costs eating your travel budget, we suggest you buy a used commercial van, as they tend to be well looked after, regularly serviced and lower kms. They are more readily available in peak season and considerably cheaper. If buying from a dealership, the instant availability, mechanical checks and warranty are all peace of mind for your travels.

Once you’ve got your van, a VanLab kit quickly converts it to a brand new, high quality campervan made from sustainably grown, NZ wood. You build it, you customise it and you travel with brand new conversion and a reliable van.

*interested in something else? Just contact us

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