Why buy an empty van and build your own flat pack kit?

  1. Price

We’ve found that the same van (make, model, age, transmission and Kms) sells for around more $5,500 when converted to a camper van. We found this to be true for over 60 vans we were able to match from trademe.com. VanLab fully self contained kits cost less than $5500, so not only do you save, you potentially sign yourself up for an decent sale at the end of your travels

2. Better Vans

The most important, and expensive, part of your campervan is the van. Typically, pre-converted vans have high kms and a poor service history due to their short term ownership. To minimize any surprise servicing and mechanical costs eating your travel budget, buy a well looked after empty van with full service history and low kms.

3. Conversion Quality

The typical traveller doesn’t have a lot of budget, tools, space or time to be building a new van from scratch. As a result, some of the conversions out there can be a little suspect. This extends to the electrical circuit, build quality and layout. Now, throw in a couple of laps of New Zealand, and these vans are getting very tired and very dirty. VanLab kits are new, properly and safely designed and well tested. (see our testimonials here)

4. Save yourself time

So, you land in Auckland and want to get out into the best New Zealand has to offer? The biggest drag is hanging around, waiting for the ‘right’ van to show up on TradeMe or Facebook. The VanLab concept is to buy an empty van, which are typically more readily available throughout the year (where to buy a van?). This is particularly true during peak months (October to April). We can supply you a kit on the same day and you can get out there!

5. Do it yourself!

Building a van is a cool thing to do. To travel New Zealand in a van you built is also a cool thing to do. Embrace the NZ “DIY” mentality and build your own van. With VanLab kits, the parts are all there, you get to choose how you make it your own


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