"I couldn't recommend this enough ..."

"I couldn’t recommend this enough to anyone interested in wanting to have an extra experience of building their own van as part of their travels! VanLab = genius and value for money! Thanks so much."

Lara Traveller

"Quick replies to any questions ..."

"As a carpenter I appreciated the well thought out and quality of this flat pack product. Andy was very helpful, with quick replies to any questions I had during the build."

Hadleigh  Carpenter

"You don't have to be a DIY guru ..."

“Cleverly designed kit, using quality material with very easy to understand install instructions! Andy is also very easy to communicate with and no question is too small or too silly. Smart and sassy kit... and you don’t need to be a DIY guru.”

Brent and Ann  Family Holiday Campers

"Love, Love, Love it! "

We have now spent two months living in our 'van lab Nissan caravan. Love love love it. Nothing I would change. Everyone who sees our van says the same.... 'smartest compact SC van on the road!

So much storage, everything really easily accessible, easy to use everything from the inside if the weather is bad, one of the most comfortable bed I've slept on (outside my own!)

Brilliant job with these kits! Thank you :)

Imogen and James  Rescue Helicopter Pilot and Travelling Sister

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VanLab is based in Auckland, New Zealand. Our aim is to improve the way campers can travel affordably throughout New Zealand.

In early 2017, we were looking to buy a camper van. However, we could not find a good, clean, low

mileage van for reasonable money. The only option was to build one. 

Luckily, we had tools, space, local knowledge and time. So, we built our first campervan over the

course of 3 long weeks and ‘Stevie’ was born. As we travelled for the next 8 months, Stevie drew

compliments across both islands.

Flattered, we went to the drawing board and reproduced Stevie in flat pack form. Now our

conversion takes just 3 hours, rather than weeks So we offer you the opportunity to build your own

campervan, travel, meet and see the best of New Zealand.


How long does it take to build my kit and what tools do I need?

Typically, we would suggest a weekend to work through your first one! We provide everything you need to build it, including the two screwdrivers. 

For the full kit (wiring, plumbing and upholstery etc.) we would leave a couple of weekends aside to do it. Take your time and enjoy your build!

Can anyone build the kit, or do I need existing woodwork skills?

Absolutely anyone can build this kit. All the holes are pre-drilled and the panels are pre-cut. All you need to do is follow the simple instructions and screw the panels together. The build is really enjoyable as you see your empty van transform into a camper!

How long after ordering will I receive my kit?

We work on just a 10 working day lead time! We ask for a 20% deposit at time of order, and we will have your kit ready for collection, shipping or install 10 days later! 

How can I receive my kit?

We currently offer collection from our workshop in Wairau Valley, Auckland. We can also ship to anywhere in NZ. Overseas shipping is not yet available.

Do I need to get my van Self-Contained?

You only need to be self contained if you plan on freedom camping. If you plan on staying in registered campsites every night, you do not need to be self contained.

Do I need a Leisure Battery?

If you want to charge anything (laptop, phones, cameras, speakers etc.) we suggest you run a leisure battery. Our wiring looms are designed to charge you leisure battery while your driving.  However, your leisure battery can never discharge your van battery, so you’ll always be able to drive off!

We can also size and provide a 230v inverter for charging laptops, running TVs , games consoles etc. This makes the van a real home away from home. 

I have a van which you don’t list, can you do a kit for me?

We are taking a temporary pause on new design work, due to high demand. Our design lead time is currently around 4-6 months for custom work or new designs. 

Can I see a van before I buy?

No worries, you're welcome to come over and have a look at our display van (Nissan Elgrand) to see how it all looks! If you want to visit our office, we can show you around the designs, products and options. Just fire us an email to book!

How easily can I remove the kit?

The kit has no permanent fixings to your van chassis. This means you can drop it in and remove it for a weekend. It is perfect for anyone wanting to use their existing van for camping trips!

Can you guys install?

Yup! No worries, we can install for an additional cost.


Terms & Conditions 

Please check out the link below for our terms and conditions. Any questions on our service or product, please feel free to reach out to contact@vanlab.co.nz 

If you'd prefer, you can also call us on 021 783977

You're welcome to visit our office, but please make an appointment first to ensure we're not at the workshop down the road! 

Interested? Any questions? Want to buy?

You can contact using the form below, or email us at contact@vanlab.co.nz