Our People Mover Kitset layout combines all the mod-cons of a compact camper, with all the mod-cons of a premium People Mover style vehicle. Super easy to drive and super easy to travel! We have designed kits specifically for the following vans:

  • Toyota Alphard (1 st Gen)
  • Nissan Elgrand (E50 & E51)
  • LDV G10 (Passenger/Cargo)

The People Mover kits are an exercise is space optimization. We managed to cram in self-containment for 2 people (toilet use while bed is down), a full time inside/outside kitchen unit, a double bed, seating and table for 4 people, and all the usual VanLab second battery and inverter systems! 

You can combine all of these features, with Toyota, Nissan or LDV's people mover for a luxuriously smooth driving van, with everything you require to travel the country! 

As with all VanLab kits, we have designed our People Mover kit for Inside/outside use. The asymmetric rear kitchen cupboards can be accessed from the middle bench, or standing outside the van. As with our Medium Van kits, we have found that two people can easily and comfortably use this space (1 sat inside, 1 stood outside) to prepare food, wash dishes, brush teeth, load/unload the van etc. without bumping into each other.

The bed is made from the front and middle bench seats, with a folding table. The front living space provides a heap of storage in the bench seats, while converting the table to a bed takes only a few seconds. 

Kitchen Area: We feature a rear asymetric kitchen, designed to store single-burner camping stove (recommended for outdoor use only), a 21L thermoelectric cooler (electric chilly bin), 15L sink, 25L of fresh and grey water tanks and then space for cutlery, crockery, glasses and mugs, knives, utensils, and pans. The kitchen height is set below the window line, providing both a comfortable worktop height and uninterrupted views! 

The kitchen is asymmetric to allow space for the toilet to slide out when the bed is made up for self-containment certification. This gives the added bonus of easy rear entry into the van. We then run a fold up table, so when you don’t need the toilet space, you have a full width rear worktop. 

Living/Sleeping Area: The bench seating and tables convert to a double bed (135cm x 185cm). Additional bed length can be achieved by moving the seat forward, or ‘hangin a leg’ into the kitchen area. We have a bedside table storage area on each side of the bed, which is completed with USB chargers and the light switches. Perfect to storage your valuables (keys, phone, wallet) overnight and charging your phone while you sleep.  

Self containment: Like all VanLab kits, the People Mover Kit can be certified self-contained for 2 people. There are 25 litre fresh and grey water tanks, a hand pump tap and small sink in the kitchen unit. The portable toilet is stored under the middle bench and can slide out next to the kitchen for use, even when the bed is set-up.

Storage: The total storage is 1050L

Electrical: As with all VanLab kits, our People Mover van is compatible with our integrated wiring loom. You can fit either a 100Ah or 120Ah leisure battery, with Voltage Sensitive Relay (VSR) connection to the start battery. This means ‘charge while you drive’ with auto-disconnect when you stop. Our loom comes with 3 x LED lights, 2 x voltmeters, 2 x double USB chargers, fridge power socket and additional fused outputs for auxiliary supply. We can also fit a range of 230V inverters for appliance charging.